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Bush Demands Freedom to Torture

• Washington Post
President Bush's repeated insistence "we don't torture" appeared more bogus as he threatened to veto a bill that would explicitly ban a variety of abhorrent practices. It would require intelligence agencies follow interrogation rule

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Comment by T1C3Lury
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The Bush-Cheney approval of terrible torture ofnhelpless prisoners is barbaric! Remember their hypocritical accussations against Saddam Hussein, now they are even worse, because of claims to be rescueing Iraq people from abuse. Research will prove Bush is a covert British agent, since he was awarded the status of Knighthood, for "service to the Queen," with the title: Sir George Bush. Check it out on the internet: "Knighthood, Swearing the Oath." Also both Bush and Cheney are very often high on liquor and cocaine. They are unfit to command our soldiers! Dare them to prove otherwise by voluntarily submitting to tests!. I, Joe Spenner, know a living witness they failed to yet assassinate. It's time we dare to dig out TRUTH, in honor of the many young American soldiers those power-hungry monsters have cause such awful misery!