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McCain, Paul, and the ‘Plunge Protection Team’

• US News and World Report
McCain really seemed to have no clue what Ron Paul was talking about when Paul asked him a question about the President's Working Group on Financial Markets—the so-called Plunge Protection Team—consisting of the Treasury secretary, the Fed chairm

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Boy, Ron Paul asks a question that has a lot of observers (including me) scratching their heads wondering, huh? And watching as a clueless and/or irritated McCain obviously BS's his way through an answer. This gets served up almost immediately on the web. Then the group Ron Paul identified is explained to the ignorant (like me). Then the rumors of using our stolen tax dollars to manipulate the free market by this secret group, and supressing the value of gold are reborn. Then the mainstream media starts to report it.

Ron Paul. This is what I am talking about. A guy who can make the most of a limited opportunity.

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