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Randi Rhodes leaves Air America (signs with Nova M Radio)

A video of Rhodes referring to Sen. Hillary Clinton as a "f**king whore" began circulating last week, and the station suspended the host soon after. (Nova M Radio is Ernest Hancock's home station :)

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Comment by Hawkeye
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We love "Randi Rhodes"..but! I don`t think she has the nerve to confront John McCain about the "POW" papers,and why he want to keep them hidden.
"John McCain" say`s he`s an honest man,straight talker,nothing to hide...bull crap.
Just ask him to release the "POW" papers,and watch him quiver.stutter,and in general make a fool of himself.
Randi! go get him and make him reveal the papers to the people of America...we want to know.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I know Randi from past events held in Phoenix from when I was Charles Goyette's producer and we were both at the Phoenix Air America affiliate as the morning show. The station was sold to a Christian Robot station and Charles and I went back to our previous station. Charles and I had an agreement that I would work with him for another 3 months back at the new station and then I would leave to focus on FreedomsPhoenix.

I then was contacted by Nova M Radio and asked if I could host on the weekends. I agreed under the condition that I could have guest hosts whenever I was out of town and that I was free from any interference. I reminded them that I was a hard core no-compromise libertarian. The founders of Air America, Sheldon and Anita Drobny had started Nova M Radio to replace the lost station of Air America's affiliate and proceeded to create a new network.

As Air America talent leaves that network for various reasons they are often found to join the Nova M Radio family.

Although I am very well known to have a very different philosophy than every single one of my co-workers, we are still very good friends and have been for years. THe fact they are willing to have my show immediately follow the personal show of the owners is a testament to just how "progressive" they really are :)