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Today's Christians: No Hope In God's Way - by Chuck Baldwin

• Chuck Baldwin
I ask the indulgence of my non-churched readers, as this column is specifically designed to challenge the hearts and minds of professing believers.

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Comment by GilaRiverRider
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"G_d love you just the way you are! You don't have to change! Just accept that G_d love you and continue living just as you are now."

That's what's wrong with today's christians, they've lost the way. There are no boundaries. G_d is just love. Everyone is going to heaven. No one I know went to hell.

Thank you Chuck for reminding us of Jeremiah's warning! I can assure everyone that we're on the verge of a closed state and a major war is just around the corner. If you're between 16 and 38, both men and women, dust off the combat boots the show's about to begin.

Comment by Paul The cab driver
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Wonderful column, chuck, and excellent points. However, they beg the question of who is going to teach them the truth? If our pastors don't start teaching two key truths the congregants re not going to be able to implement them, because the congregants will be ignorant. those two truths are: It is absolutely wrong to steal. It is absolutely wrong to kill (with the sole limited exception of self defense to an immediate threat). These two truths would gut the power of the welfare state, which is based on theft and the redistribution of wealth, and the warfare state which is based on theft and murder. But out pastors on the left are too enamoured of the welfare state which purports to doGod's work through theft. and our pastors on the right adore the military, no matter who they kill or what excuse they make. Eh bein, c'est la vie. This empire, like all other empires before it, will fall because we have made the State our god, and reverence its "leaders" as priests and prophets.