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President George W Bush backs Israeli plan for strike on Iran


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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Just look at the Two Presidential Candidates Americans have to chose from.
Look at how Americans are jumping up and down for the likes of McCain,and,Obama.
The-Once Great America-will DIE in it`s sleep.
I challange anyone to stand on any corner,ask the first 100 Real Americans questions about the state of America,and,see how many informed,intellegent answers you get.
If you can,somehow,listen to the entire 100 answers without feeling **QQ**Lost in Space**QQ**,or,at least feel that you are on a different planet,my hat is off to you. **QQ**America will Die in it`s Sleep**QQ**

Comment by Catherine Frances
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I do not know how to say this politely.

Bush and his ILK - the entire cabal is CRAZY for trying to start another war. Israel is too!

People should be up in arms about this man and ALL of his policies.

It is time to nip the NWO Republicans and NWO Democrats in the bud.

The only people who had a clue on stopping this madness were RON PAUL and DENNIS K.

I was for PAUL. I was for PAUL in 1988 too.

I can think of a few good Claire Wolfe**Q**s lines right now.

NO more wars. STOP ALL FUNDING and end all manpower in all of these countries worldwide. BRING the troops home - ASAP!

IKE had a clue and warned us about the MIC.

Our Founding Fathers warned us about foreign entanglements.

Bring them on home now! TELL all of the countries worldwide including ISRAEL to get their $$$, goods and support elsewhere if they want to stay in a constant state of WAR!


Comment by Powell Gammill
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Alfred P. Newman is incensed by your comparison, Jack.

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