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Jesus Is an Anarchist! (A Free-Market, Libertarian Anarchist, that is...)


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Comment by PureTrust
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How can anyone say that Jesus is an Anarchist? Since He, along with His Father and the Holy Spirit, own all things, isn't it the revolutionaries - those who are against Him - that are the anarchists?

Jesus is the government. In Him is all order and organization. His freedom is the only REAL freedom, since it all belongs to Him.

Jesus offers you freedom. Freedom from death and even from making mistakes (sinning). No other governing body or individual can do that. Jesus is the only real non-anarchist that there is.

Comment by PureTrust
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Blah, blah, blah.

"Freedom and slavery" is the wrong terminology. The right terminology is "freedom and no freedom."

The less freedom that one has, the fewer accomplishments that person is able to make. Isn't the place where a person has the least amount of freedom in the grave? He can't even wiggle in there, right? No accomplishments whatsoever. Not even breath.

Since everybody dies, all the governments go right along with them... sooner or later.

Since Jesus arose from the dead, He is alive forever. Death no longer has mastery over Him. He is no longer enslaved in the least. And He has been given authority over the whole universe by His Father, the Great Creator Who created the whole universe and knows and controls all the physics throughout it.

This being the case, Jesus is the only government, no matter what anybody says, because He is the only one who will remain alive forever. And it's a good thing, too. Because, exercising all authority in the universe, He has the ability to save us from the greatest form of slavery that exists - death. And He has promised to do so, and will do it.

All the rest of the questions are answered in the Bible, even if some of the answers are vague.

The only real question left is, "Are you on His side or against Him?" You can't stop Him. If you try to stop Him, you will only wind up enslaving yourself in death forever.

Get yourself onto Jesus' side, in favor of Him. All that He does is designed to free you from the permanent slavery of death - if you will only let Him.