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Hurricane Bob leaves destruction in his wake

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When conservatives took over the Libertarian Party they promised Bob Barr would walk on water. He's sinking faster than any other candidate in LP history. They promised selling out libertarian principles would attract swarms of dissatisfied conse

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Comment by Mike Shipley
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Yeah... and where was the "responsible political action" wing of the Revolution when we really needed them to help make a change THIS ELECTION?!??!? I know where I was, I was there at the convention, in Bob Barr's face..... doing party politics on behalf of freedom.... So please make a note of that, C4Losers!!! (no i'm not bitter...)

But I digress, my comment is this: I can't get enough articles about how much Barr sucks as a candidate, they have become my main guilty pleasure this campaign season. I hate saying "I told you so" when the consequences are so dire, but it still feels good thinking it....

Comment by Trouser Chili
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I wouldn't be surprised to learn sometime soon that Bob Barr was an infiltrator sent in to destroy the Libertarian Party precisely during the election they may have had the most impact. Why does Dr. Paul consider this man his friend?