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EPIC 2015 - The Near Future of Media

(A must see for those that hope to understand what is coming and WHY!) Original EPIC 2014 and Updated EPIC 2015

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Comment by Thomas Kamen
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With data hungry supercomputers, irresponsible government scientists and fiat currency it would not surprise me if this is close to reality.

Technology now exists in the form of terrahertz wave form radar to code dna from space. A trillion oscillations per second, certainly a fine enough resolution to render human dna.

Mandatory global 24/7 gps data harvesting from space, should provide enough data to create a global economy, not.

It sounds nice and dandy to use an intangible asset such as data as commodity to back currency, but data is easily manipulated and corrupted.

The antichrist is sure to use computers to educate and influence the people.

"There is an infowar raging to program your mind, and many don't even know it exists."tsk