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Did Bush Sr. Kill Kennedy and Frame Nixon?

If you buy into the basic outlines of it, you come up against a history of American politics in which our top "elected" officials are not just chosen through a process openly corrupted by money and media and parties, but are also chosen thr

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Comment by David McElroy
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I give great credence to this suggestion that Bush Sr. was involved in Kennedy's assassination and Nixon's downfall. I also suggest we recall Reagan, when he first took office, publicly introduced his decoy double, a dead-ringer who looked and sounded just like him. It was also established that Hinkley had dinner with "Poppy" Bush just days before shooting Reagan. Did you ever notice that after the shooting, "Ronnie" never had more than a vague answer to questions, deferred often to subordinates, and frequently claimed to be asleep during important meetings or "out of the loop"? Is this the way a president would speak? I believe Bush assasinated Reagan and his double stood in for him as figurehead while "Poppy" controlled the White House. And I believe those unseen "forces" in the know told Bush Sr. to cool his jets and let Clinton win in '92, thinking he was getting too much personal power. But then Clinton colluded with the Bush crime family. When Bill's eight years were done, the presidency was purchased for Bush Jr. Now that "W"'s eight years are gone,
it is an Obamanation with the Clintons back in the White House. New boss same as the old boss, lying thieving murderous traitors all!