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NYPD seeks to deny New Yorkers ability to monitor the air

"There are currently no guidelines regulating the private acquisition of biological, chemical, and radiological detectors," warned Falkenrath, adding that this law was suggested by officials within the Department of Homeland Security.

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Comment by Richard Stone
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Unbelievable! The police want to prevent us from being able to protect ourselves without their permission. Any time you have the police involved it becomes a payday for lawyers and the victims (citizens) get screwed. It is all about money! How much of big business money is being spent to push this thru? Who is getting paid off? Follow the money and you will see the truth. Slowly they are taking away our liberty and rights. Do they really think that it will not blow up in their faces? This country was built by men with the courage to stand up against what was wrong. We threw the old Red Coats out and we can throw the new ones out too! How long will we take this? When do we say "Enough" ? This is wrong, do not let it pass !!!!!!!!!!