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The U.S. Economy is being Marched to the Gallows

Nobody has even taken a vote yet and already the gloves are off. Bailout Bill One and the Patriot Act were pushed just as hard. The only legislation that gets the hard sell seems to involve either stealing the taxpayer's money or their rights.

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The Runaway THUGS in Washington are showing their True Colors. They, with the ARAB AFRICAN MUSLIM that is still being investigated for being an Illegal Immigrant are determined to get ALL of the Taxpayers Money. Why are they so INSISTENT on Stripping the American People of their Jobs,Their Finances, Their Homes, Their Dignity ?? Aren't the Elected Officials supposed to be the Stewards of OUR Money, OUR Country, Supporting OUR Constittution ?? Why don't We The People have anything to say about what these Paid Employees do with OUR Country ??
The Stupid American People would rather stand in line and collect Crumbs that these Thugs Throw out to them. "CHANGE" , that's what they wanted, let's see how they like it., let's see What they're going to do about it. I am 100% American, a Korean Veteran and I'm mad about these Gullible, Gimmee, Hand out, Do Nothing, Expect everyone to Give to them, Lazy Bums.that has been created by these Smooth Talking Arabs, Africans, Muslims and Greedy Politicians. STAND UP AMERICA, YOU HAVE A LIT5TLE GUTS LEFT, OUR COUNTRY IS STILL WORTH FIGHTING FOR, FIGHT FOR IT, YOU'RE ABOUT TO LOSE IT...........