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Plane That Crashed Near Buffalo Was On Autopilot

• Yahoo! news
A federal aviation official says the plane that crashed into a house near Buffalo, killing 50 people, was on autopilot when it went down, a possible violation of airline policy in icy weather.

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Comment by Brock
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Interesting, but not in any David Icke, lizard, Build-a-Burger, strawman-you-didn't-create way.

Tailplane stalls in icing conditions are very scary and impossible to notice when Elvis has the controls. You don't have to be a pilot to appreciate the control problems NASA pilots experienced in this video which mimics the Buffalo conditions almost exactly.

Comment by azpatriot2008
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Beverly Eckert, passenger on this flight, a 9/11 widow interested in pushing for a real investigation into what really happened that day... met with President Obama a few days before the plane crashed... plane was on auto pilot... hmmm... VERY interesting...