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Department of Defense Succumbs to Pressure, Reverses Stance on Selling Once-Fired Brass (YAY!)

• via e-mail from Dean T.
After working with Armed Services Committee Member Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO)... we're happy to hear that the Department of Defense has decided to rescind it's ban on the sale of once-fired military brass.

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Comment by foundZero
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As a patriot, I object to reusing once-fired brass utterly, totally and unequivocally.

When a high-ranking military man screws up, especially as they have been lately in punking out for false intel, I don't they should be reused, recycled or given another change in the Obama administration. I think they should be thrown out and discarded just like the Wall Street failures.

Furthermore, I resolutely......what? Oh wait, that kind of brass? Crap, where's the delete key on this thing? Is this it?

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