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All Private Guns Will Be Confiscated By September 2009, US Tells Russia

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Russian Intelligence reports state that gun ownership... is estimated to be nearly 50 percent of US households have nearly 270 million guns, none of which these Americans seem now ready to part with without a fight.

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Comment by Psychictaxi
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Thanks for the heads-up, Jet! I had some fun this morning researching Sorcha Faal and David Booth. Very wierd shit, to say the least. Here's one:

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Sorcha Faal is a disinformation agent. I got fooled once myself before I figured it out. It is a nom de plume for some asshole in New Hampshire or some other state near there. Certain computer experts have triangulated the IP address through Langley, VA. It's all over the internet if you type in Sorcha Faal in a Google search.

Comment by TheRockster
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Please don't continue to send articles from this lying piece of shit, "Sorcha Faal." This is pure Fantasy, like all the other "news" from this person. I'm frankly disgusted that you would give space to this ridiculous crap.