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United To Charge Heavier Passengers Twice To Fly

• CBS2Chicago via Drudgereport
If "beefy" or "curvy" describes you, here is a word of warning: United Airlines will begin aggressively enforcing a new policy that allows it to charge heavier passengers twice to fly.

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Comment by KittyAntonikWakfer
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If not for governments and their regulations, airlines would by competitive necessity be creative in their offering of the service of getting an individual from point A to point B. And offering fares based on total weight (which includes baggage) along with capability of fitting into the standard (or upgraded) seat size would be one of them. This might, along with other persuasions not made illegal by governments, actually motivate some people to bring their weights down from the obese level to just "overweight". That could be a stepping stone to consistent actual self-responsibility by more people - a necessary change toward the (distant) goal of a self-regulating orderly society. A lot of steps to go....

**Kitty Antonik Wakfer

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Comment by RickStone
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The airlines version of a fat tax, hahahahahahah!