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Customs Officer Sues After Wrong-Door Immigration Raid on His Home

• The Agitator
“Is this ‘Candid Camera’?” Mrs. Slaughter recalled asking. That irritated the lead officer, her husband said Tuesday. “He said: ‘No, it isn’t “Candid Camera.” You need to step back into the middle of the room.’ ”

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Comment by Brock
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I've wondered how motivated Chaye Calvo would be if he were merely forced to lie on the kitchen floor for two hours instead of lying there for two hours in his dogs' blood.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Not to well apparently. Isn't it interesting after IDing himself as a fellow DHS agent they immediately left. Dang, I am only (partly) sorry he had no dogs for them to shoot.

Comment by RickStone
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The shoe is on the other foot, how does it fit?