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Justin Raimondo: These United States: Too Big to Fail?

A nation is, after all, more than a state: it derives its identity from a common culture, one that is largely shared by all citizens, including not only language but a certain mindset rooted in custom and economic convenience. However, when this cohe

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Comment by William1950
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This is both interesting and very scarry. I have watched for years as the Democratic party, education and government threw legislative court actions define the differences in this country. If you have a very strong military and central government you can allow a nation to splinter because of language, religion and race. If you have a weak central government that fears the people, coddles to the dangerous three and refuses to understand the need of language you can, I do not say you will, have a country that once again splinters down the middle over where the power of government will lay, central or states/areas. (this was the real reason for the Civil War not the stupid reason now taught in the proper education of Americans)
Yes, it is possible for this country to break up. We are a study in ideas that may fail. We do not have a real idea of who we are as a people. We are divided by mega cities and open lands, the idea of hard work, republican and give them everything Democrats, religion, race, sex and individual responsibility all come into play.
Today, the last few electioons have shown that America is divided. This division can be fixed if and when the people, the majority decide where they want this nation to go and then the government and courts hear that cry and follow it.

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