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San Diego Halts Home Bible Study; threatens fines!

A pastor and his wife from San Diego, Calif., claim they were interrogated by a county official and warned that they will face escalating fines if they continue to hold Bible studies in their home.

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Comment by Lee Ray
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Be glad if you don't live here!

Fact: The County of San Diego is one of the most restrictive, backwards, and business hostile bureaucracies in the Nation.

E-mail the County Official responsible for this action - Pam Elias, Head of Code Enforcement ( and tell her what you think of her leadership and her staff's outrageous actions. I hope the lawsuit is tendered and the County loses big time - the taxpayers will foot the bill but it may stop these bureaucratic zealots from abusing other citizens.

Better yet e-mail the Chair of the County Supervisors Supv. Greg Cox and voice your displeasure re. Elias's staff's actions ( )

Comment by JimMarch
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Well this is interesting. EVERY single congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses holds one meeting a week (generally an hour) scattered among various homes among the congregations, usually in groups of 15 to 25 or so. It's a planned protection against their getting banned, basically it means they can break up into "cells" at a moment's notice. I was raised JW as a kid, never baptized. So they're ALL in "violation" and knowing them, they WILL react in court against this if they find out about it.

And they've got the legal muscle to cope. The preacher in question ought to immediately contact a San Diego JW congregation.