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Feds Claim Right to Search Your Home Day or Night, without a Warrant

• Mark Nestmann
Your cell phone, your wireless Internet connection, and even your garage door opener all transmit signals through the air. All are fair game for warrantless inspection, the FCC says.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Feds have always had this right. They just never used it before. Not in the ways they could have.

Since peoples bodies are bio-electrical in nature, the brain sends out radio waves on a regular basis - every living brain, and even a few where the person has died within the last few hours.

This means that ever since the beginning of the FCC, all people have always been subject to search and seizure by FCC agents.

It's just that they never thought of it this way before. Of course, when they read this comment, they will thank me for reminding them of the awesome power they have always had - the virtual ownership of everybody in the world whose personal radio waves pass through U.S. airspace.