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Are Your Papers in Order?

• C4SS / Thomas Knapp
[Borders] are created to observe and control your movements, to milk your bank accounts, and to psychologically reinforce the claim that you are, for all practical purposes, the property of “your” government.

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Comment by Lucky Red
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This is not only scary but also a battle we lost before most people were even aware that it was being fought. A while back, I read an article which described how a consortium of foreign governments voluntarily report to the US on this particular issue (travel of US citizens in other countries). So, don't ever think that you can drive over to Canada or Mexico and sneak in a little side trip to Cuba and the US government will never know because guess what? The Mexican and/or Canadian (or any other) government will make it their business to report your travels back to the US government.

This is very scary stuff indeed! We sheeple have a UPC label hanging around our necks and don't even know it.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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This sign is near El Centro, California which is only a few miles from the Mexican Border. So they can argue (as it has been argued to me) that the signs are for those traveling to and from Mexico.

But I am of the opinion that this is just another stage in the expansion of of the Police State and the concept of internal travel documents in the USA.

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