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"Don't believe in god? You're not alone"

• Arizona Coalition of Reason (ArizonaCOR)
(Publisher: And we can always count on the claim that there are Individuals, Organizations, Nations and/or various collectives with God’s “Power of Attorney”. This is a sure sign of individual rights being set aside for the benefit of a collective that is trumpeted to be under constant threat. And this is the push back that was to be expected. There are those that are in touch with a spiritual aspect of their life that are just as much a victim of 'Religion' as atheists. Bring on the discussion :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Secret! Burn after reading! "Don't believe in god? your not alone" billboard will go up very soon. Jim Lippard, ArizonaCOR Media Representive

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Comment by PureTrust
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Think about this.


What "causes" you or anybody to make a free choice in the way that you do - especially when you might have made a different one?

Cause and effect. Action and reaction. Perhaps there isn't any "random" in the Universe. Maybe everything is pre-programmed. Maybe we only feel like we have free choice.

 Nobody has figured out the answer to this yet. One thing that quantum mechanics and chaos theory point to is that the answer lies deep in both, the macro and the micro areas of Universe... if it exists at all.

 If there isn't any randomness whatsoever, how did we get programmed to be the way we are? Who or what programmed the Universe to act as it does?

If this whole concept bothers you, maybe it should. Because it doesn't make sense that whatever programmed the universe would give us a sense of free choice without free choice in reality.

Comment by foundZero
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I don\'t believe in the existence of any of you.   "For we are as puppets, none of us having reality unto ourselves or any other, each of us having reality only in the mind of the puppeteer."   And I don\'t even really believe in that statement, it\'s just some existentialist crap to throw in there. 

Comment by Mike Wasdin
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 That's not proof...I have proof-

Comment by Trouser Chili
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I found this old book quite fascinating as a sort of proof regarding the existence of God:

Comment by Jet Lacey
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I don't give a crud who believes in God or who doesn't.

Like someone's sexuality or any of their other proclivities, frankly it's none of my business. Arguing about the existence of an entity that we cannot prove exists with any degree of certainty is one of the deep flaws, or Achilles heels of humanity. To me, one's faith should be a deeply personal issue and it should not really be discussed in polite society.

Someone's belief set has absolutely zero bearing on my life unless they decide to force their beliefs on me. It is at that point that a problem is created.