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Can Politics Be the Answer?

• C4SS / Thomas Knapp
By offering sound (in other words, pro-freedom) solutions to the “social questions” and then demonstrating through failure at the polls that those solutions will never be implemented through the political process and political institutions, a libertarian political party can open the eyes of precisely the people who are in, and need to be led out of, or at least convinced to think beyond, that process.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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The state of Virginal told their "State Troopers" that anyone that believes the NWO exist is a potential "Extremist/Terrorist",,,and they,the Troopers, all believe that to be true. 

I think that say`s it all about the mentality of a Cop.

Why do you think it`s so easy for one to the turned down to the Academy if their IQ is above 90..maybe 100.

If America does not stank up soon,real soon,we will only be able to stand up when told to stand up.