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The Church is No Sancturary from US Police State

• Lew Rockwell
Pastor Jose Elias Moran was preparing for an early Wednesday prayer service yesterday (July 1) at the Iglesia Profetica Peniel in Webster, Texas when he was informed that a member of his congregation had been stopped by the police. Out of concern for the church member, Pastor Moran went out to inquire what had happened, only to have the officer, Raymond Berryman, snarl at him to go back inside. According to witnesses, when Moran tried to explain, “I’m the pastor,” Berryman grabbed at his shirt...

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Comment by Paul The cab driver
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I wonder how long it will be until churches begin to realize that government is not their friend?  How about never.  The churches, fast asleep in the comfort, will continue to hold services "honoring our troops," and continuously praise the very men in uniforms who kick them in the teeth.  Cowards!  With their numbers and political pull, the churches alone could stop this police abuse and its international cousin, aggressive war.  They won't.  Instead they'll continue to preach "Romans 13 tells us to obey our government!" until they have outlived their usefulness to the state, then every last one of them will be dragged off into concentration camps.  Don't believe me?  Just go to church Sunday July 5th and watch the patriotism.

Comment by freedomfighterradio
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Please call me 706-394-8019 I have a radio show and love your articles.Also wish to get the Pastor on my show the one from your last article