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Russian Scientists Warn Of Genetically Modified Fast Food Link To Pandemic Flu

(Publisher: UNCONFIRMED - This story has started to hit the Internet on various sites that I am not that familiar with. So do some more research before forwarding as fact)     Scientists from Russia’s Ministry of Health are warning in a secret report to Prime Minister Putin that they have discovered a ‘critical link’ between the H1N1 influenza (Swine Flu) virus and genetically modified amylopectin potatoes that are consumed in massive quantities nearly exclusively by Westerners and sold in fast food restaurants as French Fries. 

According to these reports, the protease enzyme genetically modified in the potatoes being sold through Western fast food restaurants as French Fries to protect against Potato virus X causes an “explosive” replication of the H1N1 influenza virus by increasing the acidic conditions of the endosome and causing the hemagglutinin protein  to rapidly fuse the viral envelope with the vacuole's membrane, then causing the M2 i

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Friends, this link leads to a page that is widely known to be filled with pure bunk, lies and bullshit. The page promotes the twisted ideas of "Sorch Faal" and others known to be liars of the worst sort. Please allow me to suggest that you be more discerning in the future, lest your own site be tainted by the association.