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Non-Partisan Effort: Vote Out ALL Incumbents

• Daily Paul
We need to gather up all the independents, libertarians, greens, constitutionalists, and disaffected democrats and republicans and unite efforts to VOTE OUT ALL CAREER POLITICIANS in 2010. There are huge sea changes taking place in Japan, the UK, India and numerous other key democratic-republic countries. We need to do our part here in the U.S. - clearly congress needs a significant wake up call and allowing career politicians and political snake oil salesfolks to continue in their positions unchecked is NOT a viable solution to our country's ills.

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Comment by Kelly Bustard
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If one person votes against the incumbent, its only one vote.  A person on the ballot against an incumbent takes away many votes from the incumbent.  In Maryland, the filing fee is $50.00 for the House of Representatives, $100.00 for the Senate.  If hundreds or even thousands of ordinary citizens filed to be on the ballot to run for congress, then they would effectively take away many votes from incumbents.


  If you could get 2500 citizens to run against an incumbent Senator, or congressperson, the incumbent would be one of 2500 names on the ballot, and the chances of getting 50 % majority of the votes to win would be greatly reduced.  A sum of $100,000.00 would pay 2000 filing fees for the House, or 1000 candidates for US Senate.  A million dollars would pay for 20,000 candidates for the House of Representatives, or 10,000 candidates for a Senate seat.


     Imagine what an incumbent Senator would do with 9,999 other names on the ballot?  The point is that the method is legal and would be the most effective way of eliminating all incumbents.