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Goldman Sachs profit bonanza

• Reuters
Under normal circumstances, Goldman Sachs might be afforded a moment of gloating as it struts toward what could be a banner earnings announcement just 9 months after being roiled by Wall Street's worse crisis since the Great Depression. But these aren't ordinary times for the biggest U.S. investment bank, which lately has faced a torrent of unwanted publicity stemming from 

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Comment by PureTrust
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Two little thoughts here:
1. Everybody knows that paper dollars or entries in balance books have no real value of their own.
2. Nobody can do much of anything alone; every big project is done by many people working together.

What do the people of Goldman and Sachs gain by having all that money? What is it that they really want? Are they going for complete world domination in every way? Since everybody dies, do they think that there is some benefit from being able to say they conquered the world? Might they really only be henchmen of a much larger world domination scheme? What does anybody need with, or what can anybody do with the whole world?

Other than to be able to have a feeling of glory in accomplishment for a few years, the only practical thing would be, a method for gaining eternal life.

Think about it. Put together several points.

Some of the biggest companies are the pharmaceuticals.

The U.S. and other governments are doing mass, general pseudo-chemical testing on their populations - chem trails, fluoride and chlorine in the drinking water, medical and hospital drugging, agent orange and such on military personnel etc..

Who knows what test are being done on Guantanamo victims for medical/scientific purposes?

Who really needs or benefits from the genome project?

Although there may be many little reasons for doing all this, aren't the superrich of the world really using it all, and moving it all, towards a goal of finding out how to medically/chemically keep themselves alive and in good health indefinitely?

Don't they have a whole bunch of underlings who willingly agree to help them because the underlings want unending life as well?

Might you and I be helping them along by allowing them to proceed? After all, maybe they will let us live forever, too?

But could you blame them? If we were in their position, having almost enough funds and control to find a way to live happy, joyous, healthy lives indefinitely, wouldn't we try just like they are?  


Comment by Powell Gammill
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