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FreedomFest 2009~ Rolling With the Patriots!

• youtube-entertainment for the whole family! ;)

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Comment by Jet Lacey
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Jeez Don, 

Who shit in your Froot Loops this morning? 

Comment by Renee Houlihan
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 If you're not having F.U.N. exposing the NWO, then you are doing it W.R.O.N.G. That's the point of this video I do believe.

Don, you need to lighten up a little bit or better yet, set your sights on our camp for the Freedom Summit this December!! Let's put our hearts together and make it amazing!!!!

Comment by Charles Gillespie
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  I learned a great deal from being around so many amazingly intelligent and fearless others that I could have broke-into-song, (but instead took pictures).

 If anyone doubts how cool/interesting/motivating this conference was, I hope my 'authoring' helps push you over the top!

Don, I'd LOVE to see your photos if you have any!

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Thank you Charles for this cool photo-to-video-with-music-thing that you made in support of our time in Vegas. 

Don, happy to hear you had a good time too.  Hope you stopped by our AZ R3VOLUTION Booth and picked up on loads of free stuff.  We networked and spoke with so many excellent fellow patriots from all over the country.  I was amazed with all the positive ideas passed around.

We are planning FreedomSummit 2009 set for December 4-6 in Phoenix. Welcome to all! 




Comment by Don Wills
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This video has very little to do with Freedom Fest 2009 (I was there), has only somewhat to do with the Campaign for Liberty Las Vegas (which piggy-backed its way onto Freedom Fest at the last minute), but has mostly to do with the author's buddies drinking beer and smiling for the camera.

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