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Israeli leader calls Obama 'slave'

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual leader of Israel's Shas Party, has called US President Barack Obama "a slave" who seeks to rule the world and control Tel Aviv's affairs.

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 I believe what you mention is what makes the comment so utterly revolting and hypocritical, the fact that this due is a Zionist.  In fact, I believe that it was this very individual who screamed at the top of his lugs yesterday (regarding the political scandal in NJ & the rabbis who were selling bodyparts) that it was anti-Semitism.  ROFL!  Gotta love these folks, the worst perpetrators of racism & advocates of ethnic cleansing since 1948, yet, expecting others not to descriminate against what they bring upon themselves.  This would be the equivalent of the KKK being pissed because people are calling them racists...

Still, this is who we lavish 3.2 bill taxpayer dollars a year plus all the money in hardware that their shriveled up little hearts desire, not to mention the blind and uncondicional support given by the US in all of their warmongering expeditions.

Sick, really, really sick! 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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What I found interesting about this story is I had just read a bunch of Arab cartoons that had been translated to English.  You can tell a lot about what a society is thinking or being led to think by its cartoons.  In particular was a pervasive idea that Obama was a slave.

Slave to whom?  Who was his master?  And why did the Arabs see him as a servant.  I thought they would be indicating he was a slave to Israel, yet none of the cartoons had any Jewish reference.  Some did discuss his African father.

So I find it ironical that a rabidly Zionist rabbi would use the same descriptive term.  And at the same time claim this "slave" was trying to rule the world.  Slaves may wish to rule the world, but first and foremost they long to be free.

So I am wondering if it loses something in translation.  Or of this is some Middle East slight, and I have not been let in on the joke.