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Ancient Roman City Lost, Now Found

 Altinum plays a major role in Venice's history -- it was one of the richest Roman settlements but inhabitants fled before the advance of the armies of Attila the Hun. Then as water levels rose, the abandoned city sank into the lagoon...

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Comment by foundZero
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Just farmland? What are you some kind of farm hater you anti farming fascist? What do you go around yelling at agriculturists and gardeners? Some people hurl insults with tomatoes but you hurl insults AT tomatoes. You are a sick person.

Comment by TheRockster
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I just had a look at the area, using Google Earth. You don't need infrared to see the buried city. Another hint is the town just to the east southeast of the site, named "Altino." I hope they excavate the site, since it will make an excellent tourist attraction and it's just farmland now.

Comment by Lucky Red
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 Whew!  I'm really glad they found that city!  I totally forgot where I had left it!

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