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Citizens in the heartland ready to rise up against Congress. Peasants with pitchforks and torches

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In yesterday's column I wrote that Congress has grown fearful of the citizens. Rather than facing their constituents back home during the summer recess, many Congressmen and Senators have canceled town hall meetings and decided instead to remain hidden. To be sure, there is nothing particularly wrong with this scenario from a purely American point of view. Our Founders were convinced that once the citizens began to fear their government, the Republic was in deep trouble, and that elected representatives need to have a healthy fear of the electorate. It has been so long since elected officials in Washington were scared of the people that the present circumstances are bound to come as a shock. But this wakeup call was sorely needed and long overdue.

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Comment by Charzhome S.
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If all of Congress ran for the hills out of fear of their constituents, what would we be left with?   The sock puppets would be gone (Congress), and standing revealed in all its naked brutishness would be the mailed fist of force:  the police, the military, i.e. the guys with the guns (and tasers, and supersonic EMR weapons, etc.)

All Congress does is serve as a soothing mask;  the truth is that we are ruled by our fear of the brute force which threatens us at every turn, should we utter a "peep" of protest.  Congress knows this too, and no doubt grin to themselves........

Comment by Richard Stone
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