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Giffords votes on Health Care

• papatodd
Gabbby Giffords gave an interview to the Arizona Star. In the transcript you will find this quote GIFFORDS: But you know, it’s just a critical time right now. We’ll get through this. Honestly with all of you, if we’re able to pass healthcare reform where Americans are able to give affordable health insurance and people are not denied because of their pre-existing conditions, we are able to drive costs down so we actually can continue afford to have Medicare and Social Security and those federal programs. If I don’t come back in two years, I’ve done my job. For me, to actually be able to accomplish that I think would be tremendous.

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Comment by Freedom of Choice
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How dare She! The bill isn't even written, and she is soing for it no matter what.

It surley proves that she does not listen or care what her voters think.

Why does she ask us for our opinion if she is not going to listen to us.

This bill (or any with a mandatory participation) takes away our Freedom of Choice in this once great country. If I want to be un-insured, I will be un-insured. and to be fined for not being insured is against all my constitutional rights.

Gabby, you are put on notice with me, I WILL STAND AGAINST YOU IN THE NEXT ELECTION!

but what good does that do? she still gets her pension, and gets to keep her health insurence!