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This Sunday's Worship at the Faithful Word Baptist Church

• Phoenix New Times

Before I hit you with my account of this Sunday's evening service at Tempe's Faithful Word Baptist Church -- home to Obama-death-wish preacher Steven Anderson, and his spritual follower, AR-15-toter and Obama-hater Christopher Broughton -- I should run down some significant points picked up during my post-service chats with both.

First off, despite what some analysts suggested on CNN's Rick Sanchez show this Friday, August 28, Anderson insisted to me that he had not been paid any visits by the U.S. Secret Service. Broughton specifically denied that the Secret Service or any other law enforcement agency, such as the FBI, had spoken with him. However, both men stated that Broughton, who's now infamous for appearing with a loaded AR-15 outside where President Obama was speaking to the VFW on August 17, was present at Pastor Anderson's service the night before, for the sermon where Anderson hoped the President of the United Stat

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Comment by Lucky Red
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 Ooooooh, the Faithful Word Baptist Church...yipee!  I haven't been there in years...I wonder if the worshippers still handle snakes, speak in tongues & spazz on the floor during the sermons 

Comment by foundZero
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Yup. I figured our ability to communicate with the left ended completely with the Glenn Beck Teabagger takeover.

What's happening here isn't about guns or Obama. What's happening here is actually a battle for the ideological purity of the movment.