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Quarter Of All US Presidents Used Cannabis

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From George Washington to Barack Obama, over the course of the United States' history no less than eleven Presidents grew and/or used cannabis (hemp and marijuana). For these Presidents (to be) cannabis filled economical purposes (as was the case with many of the Founding Fathers), medical purposes (JFK) and cannabis was used as an agent for personal pleasure (Lincoln and Obama).

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The good news continues. We have already seen this, it's why Russel Means has spoken to you and it's why Grandfather Dennis Banks continues to lead his warriors across the land.

The good news is that it's all yours now. You are an indian too if you want to be. I'm serious. We can make you. All you have to do is smoke Channupa or frankly just get the groove.

Ya'Shua brings you forgiveness of sins and through Him, life everlasting. We are here to bring you tools and skills to help you fulfill this love as given to you and share it with others.

All we are given is to lay down our lives for others. That is the bad news. We are disposable. I know it sounds harsh but consider the Christians and the example of Messiah. Give up your life, lay down your life. We do that as mothers and husbands and wives and sisters and brothers. Totally cool. Know that no matter what your suffering, ample examples of love are with you and there is no pain you can suffer where we have not got through it. Bless your tender head. That's it. White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, the Calf has not returned with retribution or judgement or pain but to tell you that you have done well and you do indeed have love in your hearts.

Now if you want to turn it up a notch, you can be what we currently call a warrior which in part is where we don't just lay it down, we freaking throw it away. This is where the warrior phratries come into play. We love life so much that we will literally waste it to protect the people.

All native stories end up where they began because to us logic is not linear, it's circular.

Hau Oyasin.

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Yeah I'm not sure if you put together all the pre-Columbian tribes East of the Mississippi, I'm not sure there would have been a half million. But for general purposes, let's just forget to use that as a number. Numbers are for white people and what the hell do they know? Listen to us. We already know what's going to happen and you can take the bad news and the good news and make what you want of it.

The good news is the barrier got dropped. The good news is we made it somehow and the good news is "we" includes you. She would not have come back if She did not find love. She would not have come back atall.

She does not supercede Jesus for most of us but it's a serious note of encouragement. We have enough love to at least get through now. Somehow we are on the right track. She came back to tell us so and God says if one in a million isn't good enough, I'll give you two.

God's statistics are endless.

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Sorry, native stories can take a long time. But once you are started you can't stop, you have to tell the whole story the way it was told. Although you can tell I'm inventing some of the dialog.

Anyways, here's Light Brother who just saw his Dark Brother fall dead after just touching White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman but she seems serene. Like nothing happened. She is just singing. And Light Brother listened to her words as she sang. I just tell you a part of it for a reason now:

Oh my friend, my special friend.

I am about to tell you something that you should know.

I will tell you how to get what you want.

Do as I do and your prayers will all come true.


I paraphrase for a reason. The story continues. Light Brother watched and listened in utter fascination. And he was given the pipe the Sacred Pipe, the White Buffalo Calf Pipe. And this pipe is not a story or a metaphore. We still have it. The very same one. It is made out of Catlinite. We call it "pipe stone" and it only comes from one place in present-day California and that is why all the Sacred Pipes, Channupa-wa, they are all made out of pipe-stone. We will pay highly for this stone but it should only be taken by one who has prayer in his heart so we do not openly buy or sell it. For it is "more than money".

There are some things you should know. There has always been currency and there has always been trade on this continent. There are reasons why all the pictures of indian chiefs show them in bone-tube neckalces. There are reasons why archeologists find seashells in the desert and why they find Inco-Mayan derived pottery in the woodlands. There are trade items and then there is "more than money". In the woodlands we called it "Wampum". It's more like a promise combined with money, it's too expensive to be bought, it can only be given.

When White Buffalo Calf Pipe woman gave us Channupa, she gave us more than money, she gave us life itself. And love is a promise in itself.

It is written in the talking leaves, Love always hopes.

Because Light Brother had love in his heart, he was able to behold Her and recieve the pipe and his family still holds it now.

So let's return to present-day and now a white buffalo calf is reborn (it's her for real) and now all the dead warriors are come back to life and they are all spread out according to the 4-Directions, they are red, white, yellow and black. They all know exactly who they are and exactly what they are doing.

There are tops maybe like 500,000 and that is being WAAAAAAY LIBERAL. Maybe tops like a half million warriors reborn to go around the whole planet.

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Now I don't tell you these things just to run my mouth. Although I do enjoy writing. We tell you these things so you have connectedness, so you have a history and context.

There are secrets, there are indeed counsels going on where we argue about the future of our lives, our families, the movement and our various responsibilities.

My responsibility is primarily in protection and prophecy. I have been instructed and I have this knowlege. One of the things I will tell you now is this is 7th Generation which means all of the warriors are back to life. They walk among us now. I tell you THEY ARE HERE NOW.

One thing that confused some of the elders is they thought they would all be reborn into indian families. It didn't work out that way. They are reborn all over the Earth. They come back in all four colors of the Sacred 4-Directions: black, white, yellow and red.

Also there is a share of dissapointment because we were taught that all the animals and the fish and the Buffalo (yummalo) would all come back and you Wasichu Ghosts would all be driven into the sea from whence ye came.

It's not working like that either. We only got one buffalo back. The Sacred White Buffalo Calf.

Actually things went different there too because we got TWO White Buffalo Calves. I guess Creator felt the point needed to be re-affirmed.

Before we had two, we called Her "One In A Million" and we also called her "Tatanka Wakan" and it's not like we knew she was going to happen, it was like WE KNEW SHE WAS GOING TO HAPPEN and we have been actively praying and marching and dancing for her for 7 generations.

I sometimes just can't believe she happened. But she did.

Now nobody in the world was more surprised than the rancher that had the White Buffalo Calf born among his herd and on his property but word got out and the story goes the guy was surprised to find corn meal and tobacco offering tied to the gate-post of his corral. See, word went out by fast runners among the many nations.

It was like the birth of your (our) Messiah: the birth of this one was fortold and elders from many nations brought Her gifts of our equivalent of frankincense and myhrr and gold.

Now to understand this, you have to know who She is, who She really is.

She is White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman and we have seen her before. She gave us the Sacred Pipe. This is how it went.

Two brothers, we will call one "Light Brother" and the other "Dark Brother" and this has nothing to do with the color of their skin, but their internal heart condition. Light brother was known to be kind and nice and Dark Brother was known to be competitive and selfish.

On the hunt one day, they chanced upon a beautiful woman like nobody had ever seen before. She was pure white like the snow. Her body was pure white and she was singing. Her back was turned to the brothers. So she could not see them approach.

And Light Brother said to Dark Brother: "Holy smoking Joe, are you seeing what I am seeing?"

And Dark Brother answered Light Brother in this manner: "Dude, this must be our lucky day, we will have our way with her and tell all our friends".

And Light Brother said "dude, something tells me you really don't want to do that, you shouldn't even approach her, something tells me she is Wakan, sacred and holy and I gotta really bad feeling about this".

And Dark Brother said "screw you, you were always such a pussy, watch me work this jammy" and he touched White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman and he instantly fell dead, dead ass dead, deader than a doornail dead on the spot.

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Sorry, right in the middle of my teaching I got a phone call. I know, teachings are more important, you are more important but we're not the ones who invented telephones.

Anyways, it sort of turns out that despite our thousands of years of spiritual development and our awesome songs and dances, our method of getting close to God seems rather inefficient as compared to yours.

But perhaps paradoxically, your Christian religion in some ways goes on like a glove. It really is easily superimposed on native beliefs to a great extent. For me, I don't have to give up anything. I don't have to stop believing in and praying to my ancestors or the 4-Directions or anything, it's just that now I know I can talk to God and whether or not He's too busy to listen He still remembers my birthday in His head and He knows the number of the hairs on mine and yours.

God knows all.

So even if I or one of my brothers scalps you, God will know. God's ledger is extensive. He will record the reduction of hairs on your head and a heavy burden, a debt goes on my balance sheet for I will have to make account and I better have had a good reason for scalping you. In life my enemy you might be but in God's eyes we are all the same.

For if a Holy God can find me so valuable as to send His only begotten son Ya'Shua, the one you know as Jesus for the mixed-breed son of a mountain boy and a lost daughter, surely there are none of us whom He doesn't love.

And for an Indian, we always knew the Earth loves us so now it's love from above and love from below. Sometimes it's almost excruciating how much love there is bouncing off the walls, filling people like Ed and Jeane up to the rim, spilling off table tops and onto everybody's pants.

And it only took a genocide to bring us together. Horrible ugly war with all attendant attrocities on both sides. As bad as we are capable of imagining.

In Ya'Shua, we are all forgiven. How is that for a kick in the ass? Forgiven. FOR-GIV-EN. Done. The hatched is buried in Messiah's grave and to dig it up would be to put the poor cat back up on the cross.

A thought keeps running through my mind again and again for months and years now: You put this love in my heart. You did, Great One. I am no longer sure if I am capable of generating, much less apreciating this much love, I am too small to contain it and I of myself have not this level of goodness. You put it there, Holy One. And you put the 4-Directions here to help and nourish me, to sing to me and connect me with my ancestors and all of this because you are Love.

So my teaching to all peoples: the reason why we spell it R3VOlUTION is because when you put on the t-shirt and look in the mirror you see LOVE looking back at you. Not only do we LOVE you but we want you to LOVE yourself because God does and that's where it all comes from. One planet, one sun we all share, there's only one moon in the sky that all people see and there's only one Source from Whom All Blessings Flow.

Every Good And Perfect Gift Cometh From Above.

Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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Behold, the Christian teachings of Oyate. Sorry if this seams off-topic but when the Spirit moves within me....

It's the song "what if God smoked Cannibus". I think it's an awesome devotional. I know it sounds disrespectful to some of you and for that I apologize, it's not my intent.

Like some folks I was never comfortable with Christianity. I preferred "the old ways". I was more comfortable knowing God is too big and almighty to even stop to wonder if my ass is getting laid or if I get that new skate board. God is not room-service. But He put all of this and more into the 4-Directions so anything we need we can ask them for. Pretty good deal. We get the Sacred Hoop and the 4-Directions like cosmic baby sitters. And we get our ancestors and if all of this seems remote, we got the trees and the land to listen and the trees and the land ALWAYS listen.

Heck, I might as well lay it on you. Did you know that some of us think there are whole orders of beings under the Earth, under our feet and they are listening. And they are waiting to be born. We know they are there but I'm not sure if we know whether they will come as good news or as bad. The Talking Rock shows us in a jagged period, a period of great uncertainty.

I think that what it is that makes Christianity so appealing to natives. We have this uncertainty factor.

The words came to me on the "talking leaves", the words of one of the greatest warriors of all time, Goyanthley, Geh-hron-im-aho whom you probably know as "Jeronimo". The fearsome leader of the last free Chiricauhua. I heard them read and remembered them pretty close to word for word. He said in part:

"I have considered this and think that the Christian religion is a better way to be close to God"

And he said:

"In the old ways, we hoped that in the next place it would be happy and we had hoped that familial relations would be restored but in truth we had no way of knowing for sure".

That pretty much did it for me, it was like a ticking time bomb because I, like most people and like almost all natives ABSOLUTELY CRAVE TO BE RESTORED TO MY ANCESTORS.

But looking back into the talking leaves, I see again and again the utter AMAZEMENT
of our native people when we saw you pray. It was like you just TALK TO GOD like He's standing right there beside you.

I am telling you, that single fact freaking BLEW OUR MINDS. We were like "holy cow, you can just do that?"

And a huge rush was on as we consulted our elders and medicine people: can this be for real? And questions went out and translations occurred and the truth was somehow established:

We all believe in the same God because we established between us that He or It or whatever is absulutely supreme and there is only one of them.

Seriously dig from the native perspective: aliens come from another planet and they believe in God too.

Comment by Found Zero (11589)
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What if God smoked cannibus?