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MCSO Deputy angrily confronts cameraman

• KPHO-TV Ch. 5
A videotape that shows a Maricopa County Sheriff's Office detective in a heated exchange with a cameraman has some people claiming the actions are a violation of civil  rights.  The YouTube video shows a member of the sheriff's office confronting a man shooting video of a crime sweep Saturday at Gran Mercado.

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Comment by Don Cordell
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 Is this the America you want? More of the end of our Rights if Americans do not make major changes to restore our Bill of Rights. Only Don Cordell as your President will Restore not Change America. Sit at home and do nothing, and we will lose this nation. When the police start coming to your home with drug sniffing dogs, and demand entrance to make sure you don't have any drugs, then ask where did you get that TV? Do you have a receipt to prove you bought it? When Code Enforcers enter your home without the need of a 'Warrant, to see if your home complies with Country Codes, will that wake you up? American Citizens it is time to wake up, stop our police brutality, stop illegal search of you, when the cop demands you stop where you are at, hands up, feet apart, where did you come from, where are  you going? Wake up. Is it already too late? Only Don Cordell can restore our Rights, otherwise we've been sold to the New World Order.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 No doubt this is Obama's fault...

Comment by Found Zero
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"I'm up here and your down here". Would that go good on t-shirts?