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Prosecutorial Discretion in Action: Andrew Sullivan Skates on Marijuana Charge

Prosecutors say they need a lot of discretion. Why? So that they can prosecute the powerless, while refusing to prosecute the powerful and connected? You think I'm some sort of wild-eyed Marxist? Hardly. Here's a typical case Political commentator, author and writer for The Atlantic magazine Andrew M. Sullivan won’t have to face charges stemming from a recent pot bust at the Cape Cod National SeashoreIn my opinion, no one should be prosecuted for possessing marijuana on federal property. However, if we're going to have these stupid laws on the books, shouldn't they be applied even to influential and well-known people like Andrew Sullivan? Assistant United States Attorney James F. Lang disagreed. Prosecutorial discretion at its finest. The next time AUSA Lang is prosecuting some-small time druggie, be sure to ask him what it takes to get the "Sullivan treatment."

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 Oh, the shame!  The Socialists and the Marxists are ruining this otherwise fine, fine country!  I want MY country back from Obama - imperialism and capitalism are so much better!  ~sob, sob, sob~