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Chips to "remind" you to take your medicine!


Let us hope Ron Paul gets his bill passed in time to stop them from forcing you to take medications! I believe the bill is meant to stop forced H1N1 vaccinations but hopefully it will include forced medications of any kind. I do not want my Health Care decisions being made for me by our government.  Whether it be limiting what I may receive in terms or treatment or forcing treatment upon me.  When there is Big $$$ to be made it seems one way or the other they will find a way to control you!!!  If these chips can send a message to your doctor they can send a message to Big Brother just as easily.

Patients who fail to pop pills on time could soon benefit from having a chip on their shoulder, under a ground-breaking electronic system being developed by Novartis, the Swiss pharmaceuticals group.
The company is testing technology that inserts a tiny microchip into each pill swallowed and sends a reminder to patients by text message if they fail to follow their doctors’ prescriptions.
The partnership with Proteus Biomedical , which originally developed the technology, is one of several alliances under development by Novartis as it and rival pharmaceuticals companies attempt to maintain high prices for innovative medicines by ensuring that they are taken as the doctor ordered. Pfizer’s Health Solutions division has developed a system to telephone patients to encourage them to take medicine.