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1-day suspension for officer who fatally struck child with speeding squad car

• Dallas News (h/t The Agitator)
On October 17, Vaughn was racing from one call to another when his squad car fatally struck 10-year-old Cole Berardi, who was riding his bicycle on a darkened portion of Belt Line Road in southeast Dallas.

Cpl. Vaughn's lights and siren were not activated as required.

The police accident report released lists speed as a contributing factor in the accident. It states that the speed of Cpl. Vaughn's vehicle ranged from 69 mph to 72 mph at the time of impact. The speed limit on that stretch of road is 40 mph.


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Comment by Ed Price
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What's a police commissioner?

What's a mayor?

What's a city council?

Without the above, does a police officer have any control over the reprimands for his bad behavior, and the awards for his "beyond the call of duty?"

Maybe the 20% of our focus should be on the officer and the 80% on the above three. It seems like the above 3 hide behind the emotions caused in the average citizen when they let the officer off with virtually no punishment.

What do you think?


Comment by Anonymous
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That sorry cop should have been fired, charged with reckless and vehicular homicide to begin with. Whomever was responsible for that cop's charges should be fired and charged as well. Don't they have an internal affairs?....Apparently not or they just plain don't give a DA**. Never but never have I seen around where I live any police car or any emergency vehicle for that matter and speeding while on  such a run as this irresponsible cop was on without their lights on and an occasional siren burst. That incompetent police department is evidently a rogue police state or made up outright murderers for just giving this reckless child killer a one day suspension. We have police and a sheriff's department whom really serve and protect where I live.

Comment by Richard Stone
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 One day off for killing a kid....  That sounds reasonable, so if the next time he runs over 7 kids and kills them he will get a week off without pay. Does anyone with kids out there have a problem with this if this were your kid? Anyone ? The police have turned into the "I am above the law" club and there is nothing you can do about it. We need to do something about it and make some examples out of the 95% that make the other 5% look bad. Think about it.