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How the Federal Reserve Bailed Out The World

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When the financial system almost imploded in the fall of 2008, one of the primary responses by the Federal Reserve was the issuance of an unprecedented amount of FX liquidity lines in the form of swaps to foreign Central Banks.

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Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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Seems to me that one of the biggest reasons for all the financial turmoil and the bailouts is to keep the income taxing system from collapsing, because, as it is being used now, it is partially illegal.

More and more people are finding out everyday, that the word "income" in income tax law, refers only to money earned by government workers. The meaning of the word "income" for those of us who do NOT work for Government, has an entirely different meaning... one that does not include IRS taxation.

One of the major things that Government and the FED are trying to do with financial collapse, is to bring about the need for bailouts. What a bailout amounts to is Government taking ownership of the company that has been bailed out by Government. Once Government takes ownership, all the employees are then working for Government, and the IRS "income" meaning begins to apply to them, whereas it didn't apply before.

Of course, this is all being done in a hush hush way, the same way that Government does a lot of the things that it does.

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