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Loosening of F.B.I. Rules Stirs Privacy Concerns

• NY Times
After a Somali-American teenager from Minneapolis committed a suicide bombing in Africa in October 2008, the Federal Bureau of Investigation began investigating whether a Somali Islamist group had recruited him on United States soil.

Instead of collecting information only on people about whom they had a tip or links to the teenager, agents fanned out to scrutinize Somali communities, including in Seattle and Columbus, Ohio. The operation unfolded as the Bush administration was relaxing some domestic intelligence-gathering rules.

The F.B.I.’s interpretation of those rules was recently made public when it released, in response to a Freedom of Information lawsuit, its “Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide.”

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Comment by Dave Whalley (23243)
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why is it that thew dogooders , want to put a stop to everything the fbi does , it looks to me that they (fbi) have a very important job to do , in keeeping north america safe , from people who  come here , to just to kill our people who  are the back bone of christanity. i for one , believe that the work the FBI is doing , should be backed up by the very people who give them (FBI) the athority to jeep us safe 

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