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Obama to attack guns as public-health threat?

• Worldnet Daily
Second Amendment advocates are expressing alarm that the most significant attack on gun rights across the United States in years soon could come in the form of a workplace "safety" regulation under President Obama's nominee to run the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Obama has nominated David Michaels, a George Washington University professor and the chief of the Project on Scientific Knowledge and Public Policy, which reportedly partially is funded by George Soros.
(Publisher: I got the NRA call via a Lady Representative of the NRA with a taped message from NRA's Wayne LaPierre. It was so very important that I listen to the message that the lady convinced my wife that she had to get me on the phone to hear the dire news from Wayne myself. 'My fellow American' blah blah blah. He went on about how the UN and Obama were planning to take our guns etc.
When then instructed after the 30 second or so message that I needed to wait for the representative (or woman's name... I don't remember for sure). I knew it was another 'Fundraiser threat' from the NRA. Of course the UN and Obama and the NRA and just about everyone but the people benefit from the "Debate" over how much gun control we should have and what level of government should be responsible for enforcing it blah blah blah.
The existence of an entity that can claim to be a legitimate protector of truth, justice and the "American way" and _then_ claim the "authority" to control weapons in the hands of the people in, any way, is a sign of bad things to come........ and the NRA helps them. {and you know I have lots of stories to share})

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Comment by Charles Hallam
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pharmaceutical manufacturers prove the safety of their products before marketing them'


Yeah, explain to us how the swinre flu vaccine was invented before anyone ever got the crap.

 Had about all I can take of this Obummer fella.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Don't worry, gun-loving dudes.  Obomb is all talk and no action.  Besides, the NRA is one of his corporate sponsors and he is a very loyal guy, he never bites the hand that feeds him.  He does, however, bite the hands that pulled the levers on election day...




Comment by Powell Gammill
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Hummm, perhaps it is a public official threat.