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The Supreme Court should roast in Hades over Kelo

• Wendy McElroy
The U.S. Supreme Court established a hideous precedent in 2005 in its ruling on Kelo v. City of New London through which the city gained the legal 'right' to confiscate homes and businesses owned by individuals in order to clear the way for 'development', including by private corporations. Apparently the taxes, employment and other benefits that the city claimed would flow into New London made the property-grab a matter of public interest.

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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We all have our contribution to "the cause", but when I read or hear another complain about what others are _not_ doing I have to wonder what they are doing?

Far too often I hear the cry for "REVOLUTION" quickly followed by "you first".

Watup wid dat?

Comment by Hawkeye
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These types can do anything they want because the coward Americans don`t have the love of Freedom to stop them....All the Americans will do is send some king FAX or "Pink Slip" or,write something in a note on line...and then ask one to pay them to send a FAX   Americans are ignorant,stupid,cowards...ALL TALK 

I KNOW why don`t you people find more Mothers that are willing to send their son`s and daughters to an Unconstitutional War....they could be Un Constitutional War Hero`s....and be proud of it.Look at what Pelosi,and Reid,just to mention a couple are doing to your country...and you do nothing..I be most Americans don`t even know their country is being given away by some half black guy from Kenya   Stupid Americas   Why don`t ya`ll go TALK to each other...Dumb asses

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