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U.S. Reviews Air Defenses to Thwart Terror From Skies

• NY Times
The commander of military forces protecting North America has ordered a review of the costly air defenses intended to prevent another Sept. 11-style terrorism attack, an assessment aimed at determining whether the commitment of jet fighters, other aircraft and crews remains justified.

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Comment by Lucky Red
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 The terror from the skies is in the form of the outrageous fees that airlines are charging for basically nothing.  Terror from the skies is the fact that the airlines are robbing people every whcih way they can.  Terror from the skies is the fact that the maintenance on the commercial airliners sucks and that it's just a matter of time before they start falling like there's no tomorrow.  Yeah, there's a lot of terror in the skies but not the kind your government wants you to believes in, besides, they've made it all safe now by not letting people carry shampoo.