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Taser manufacturer recommends use on genitals

• Wendy McElroy
Taser International, in the user’s manual that comes with every Taser, states the following, “application of the Taser to the genitals is PARTICULARLY EFFECTIVE.” Taser openly encourages the use of the weapon on the groin. For the stun gun mode, or “drive stun” mode, Taser strongly encourages that it be rammed into the genitals of a person before shocking the genitals with 50,000 volts, resulting in severe burns and destruction of the tissue and nerves in most cases. 

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Surely the CEO of Taser is willing to give us a 'personal' self-demonstration of how effective this would be.

The Taser must be considered a DEADLY WEAPON - over 140 DEAD Americans have proven this - regardless of what the Scottsdale BOZO claims. 

If ANYONE attempts to use a Taser on you - consider it a willful intention to take your life - act accordingly.

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