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Gore Flees in Panic from Chicago Book Signing

• LaRouche Political Action Committee
Gore Flees in Panic from Chicago Book Signing

November 25, 2009 (LPAC)—Not since Henry Kissinger fled a team of LaRouche organizers, in the back of a delivery truck in New York City's Central Park in the early 1980s, has an obese fascist moved so fast to escape an angry crowd, as Al Gore did today in Chicago. Appearing at a bookstore in the downtown Loop, Gore was confronted by a team of demonstrators from a grass roots group called "We Are Change," as he was signing his latest fascist screed on the global warming swindle. Gore bolted from the bookstore, raced down an alley, jumped into a waiting car, and tried to speed off, with protesters chasing after him and banging on the car. Midwest LYM organizers, who were also on the scene to confront the global warming swindler, provided an eyewitness account of Fat Albert's flight of fear.

Make no mistake about it. This little encounter is typical of the kinds of things going on all over the country, as the fascists who brought you the near-destruction of the United States and an onrushing global Dark Age, are no longer walking the streets, smug in the belief that they are literally getting away with murder. The mass strike dynamic is playing out in thousands of ways, every day, and the recent revelations about the "smoking gun" emails from the East Anglia University global warming propaganda center, have made Al Gore's life a little more miserable.

As Percy Shelley wrote in "The Mask of Anarchy," "We are many, they are few."


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Comment by Drew Rayner
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I agree. Algore left after the signing was over. He didn't look like he was in a panic. This sort of "headline" doesn't help our position, it only makes our position look like a bunch of fools, or liars. It should have read; AL GORE CONFRONTED AT BOOK SIGNING.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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 Here's the video.  IMHO he didn't flee.  He left when the book signing was over.