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Political clash expected soon over rising U.S. $12 trillion dollar debt

• McClatchy News
n the past, members of Congress never have been particularly eager to remind the public that they regularly vote to raise the ceiling on the national debt, which now exceeds $12 trillion.

That's $12,000,000,000,000.

The debt has more than doubled since 2002, and in the last two years it's been rising at a clip of more than $3.8 billion a day. Each U.S. citizen now has a share that's estimated at more than $39,000. 

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Expected soon? Is it in it's 3rd trimester? Oh what great expectations too! We get to hear the guys to voted for it complain about it. And we get to pay for it.

You know, at this point we're just paying for really really bad entertainment. If we could just pass a law so legistlators had to wear tutus or clown noses it would probably help as much as anything.

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