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Coordinated blasts hit Baghdad; kill at least 118

• AP
A series of coordinated attacks struck Baghdad Tuesday, including two suicide car bombers and another vehicle that blew up near government sites. At least 118 were killed and hundreds wounded in the worst wave of violence in the capital in more than a month, authorities said.

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Comment by Debbie Morgan
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Of course, I do not believe the actual media story, but if we were to get our troops out of there, it doesn't matter to me if they tear down their own city...Just so long as our troops are not in the mix...

Comment by Anonymous
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I can't quite believe this story;  according to Washington, and the media, the surge worked and the war in Iraq is virtually over - alls right with the world and now it's on to Afganistan - to see how many soldiers we can get killed there, for another 'victory'. 

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