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RE: UN Resolution Would Criminalize Christianity - **Update it passed like a one cheek sneak**

UN Resolution Would Criminalize Christianity riginal article here Attorney Jay Sekulow from the American Center for Law and Justice reports on the UN Resolution that would outlaw Christian expression worldwide according to International Law. Islam is on the march. Here’s the video. and now heres where they PASSED IT total media blackout join in the discussion

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Comment by for Red
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Red you are a fool if you think what you see on TV and around you is real Christianity.  First off  The Church is not a church building ! or man made doctrine. Nor is the "cross" as used as any image or anything made by man is a symbol of Christiananity.  You fail to see true Christiananity because you are blind . Jesus Christ is the Church and does not dwell in any building on earth.

Comment by Mike Blow
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Just remember, it is the christians who are wrong, not the scriptures.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Man, if that were true I'd get drunk tonight!  Oh, wait, no!   I can't get drunk because today is Sunday which means that thanks to the goddam fucking hypocrite Baptists who are getting drunk in their basement with the booze they bought Saturday, I can't buy alcohol! 

Hey, does anybody care to know what I think of Christianity and the fucking greedy manipulative hypocritical bastards that run it and the fucking hypocritical idiots that follow them?