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Number of homeless students rising in E.V.

• East Valley Tribune
The population of homeless students in East Valley school districts continues to grow week after week.

Through the federal McKinney-Vento program, students displaced from a permanent place of residence — who are now living with other family members, in shelters, with multiple families, in foster care or in vehicles — are defined as “homeless” and can receive help.

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Comment by Dave Hodges
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This many homeless kids and many not able attend school? The numbers are staggering! This is really a tragedy of epic proportions and it goes to show just how just how far the economy has slipped and the victims of the downturn are not spared, regardless of their age.

I know that there are those among us who think we should do nothing for these kids and if they starve to death, or if they do not progress beyond functional illiteracy,  that would be  would be just fine with them.  However, I want to thank you for bringing this to the attention of the readers as I must confess that I did not realize that it was this bad.

I would encourage anyone who has the means and has any semblance of human compassion left,  to find a way to help. The state cannot, will not and probably should not try and help. However, some of us in our more generous moments, might be able to lend some comfort.

Cliff High, in his recent Alta report which he unveiled on my radio show,  predicted that the economy would get so bad, that we would begin to see the springing up of self-organizing collectives which would become indepedent of the mainstream economy and government attempts to intervene. In the Great Depression, Americans called these collectives, Hoovervilles. What will we call the modern day version of this Hoovervilles, Obamanations?

Dave Hodges