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Federal Judge Rules Kids-For-Cash Scandal Judges Immune For Bad-Faith Legal Decisions

• Poten & Partners
Last month, a federal judge ruled Ciavarella and Conahan can only be held liable for actions they took outside the courtroom to further their alleged kids-for-cash conspiracy. Ciavarella is immune, the federal judge said, from liability for any decis

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Comment by stupid Amerkin
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What's new? All these BLACK ROBED DEVILS give each other immunity in their empires in the JUSTUS system. Just more validation to prove that the so called justice system is corrupt to the bone from the very scum at the bottom right to the very top. Hell, didn't the Supreme Den of Corruption, (court) just eliminate due process?  These criminals should immediately be arrested and charged with TREASON and conspiracy to commit treason, but instead it's all business as usual and the hits just keep on coming.

God help us all.

Comment by Anonymous
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So, a judge has ruled his brothers-in-robe are immune - are beyond the touch of mortal man.

I believe someone said it best:  When justice can no longer be found in courts it is right for the victems to find their own justice as they will.

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