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Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Peyton Thomas: Blame the Libertarians!

• Reason / Radley Balko
Back in 1997, legal guru Walter Olson wrote a piece for Reason dissecting a particularly smirk-inducing article Thomas published in the Weekly Standard in which Thomas explained why libertarianism keeps him up in a cold sweat at night. Here's Olson:

The root cause of everything from street muggings and gang delinquency to rudeness at traffic lights to excessive lawsuit filing has finally been found, and it's...libertarianism. At least that's the view of Andrew Peyton Thomas, an attorney with the state of Arizona and a frequent contributor to conservative magazines. Writing in the August 26, 1996, Weekly Standard, Mr. Thomas referred to the above woes as "the libertarian-created problems of Southern California and elsewhere." Readers who hadn't known that libertarians got to run things in Los Angeles may rub their eyes, but Mr. Thomas isn't kidding one bit. He blames crime, rudeness, and litigiousness on the "live-and-let-live urban lifestyle" as spawned by "the moral laissez-faire disorder of libertarianism." Mr. Thomas, author of Crime and the Roots of Order, has made a momentous discovery: "The root of our crime problem," as he informed Standard readers on March 17 of this year, "is a rights-happy radical individualism."

Thomas is right. God help us if libertarians ever get any power in this country. Imagine, for example, the irreparable damage to the rule of law if a libertarian were ever elected Maricopa County prosecutor.


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Comment by TheRockster
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Yesterday I was reading the Dictionary again and I looked up "Ignorant Fascist Butthole" and there was a picture of Andrew Peyton Thomas there.

Comment by foundZero
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Hate to say this Brock but nobody but an illuminati reptilian from the Pliedes system out to rob our cows of DNA would make such a statement. Move away from that cow pen you fascist bastard.

Comment by Freed Radical
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I'm with you Jet, but I have to give credit where credit is due. The article is spot on, but the comments are priceless. Kudos to the Reason readers for coming up with some really biting and funny shit! Eric New


Comment by Brock
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Yeah, I know, not enough insanely-contrived-conspiracy fodder for the average Alex Jones junkie.  Balko uses things like facts, confirmed sources, and reason.  Too bad he has to waste it on a beltway publication.

Comment by Jet Lacey
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Nice post....I always forget to read Reason "Beltway Libertarian" Magazine.   

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